To Succeed: 1. Get Over Existing Fears, 2. Create your Own

  • Recreating a battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader using (very mushy) bananas as lightsabers. 🤔
  • Hosting a ballet workshop for kids having never done ballet before. 😖
  • Singing the theme song from Moana in public… (badly 😬)
The most uncomfortable discomfort challenge was when I sang the Moana theme song in the middle of downtown Toronto… 😨(This is what it’s actually supposed to sound like 😁)
  • I realised that these worries about getting a high mark on every test were just artificial fears (I was scared of teachers, parents, and other students judging me more than I was scared of the consequences of bad marks).
  • So then, I got over my fear of school. But this left me less motivation to urgently work hard for every next test or assignment… like this one economics research paper I had to write sometime within a month but didn’t really want to start writing😕
  • The solution? I emailed the head of the economics department at my school (a stranger to me) and asked him to schedule a meeting in two days to give me feedback on my paper… that was due in a month 😨
  • The result? I got that paper done in two days! 🎉Even though I’d created an artificial fear for myself, I still ended up better off from the sense of urgency it gave me to get done my paper.

Before You Go

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