List of Things to Be Grateful For


  • My eyesight works or I have access to technology that help my vision. Before the 1300s, no one had glasses. Yet alone technology to fix blindness!


  • I have a functioning family to support me. And a functioning welfare system in my country. In some countries, thousands of orphans alternate between roaming the street and being locked up like animals. And even in developed countries, those without two parents are several times less likely to get a university degree.


  • I’ve never had to grow/hunt my own food in my entire LIFE! The Emperor of the largest Empire in human history once had to forage for fruits and animal carcasses! I can walk into any store and eat more types of food than the most powerful Emperors could’ve even IMAGINED!


  • The only way I can be socially excluded is by my choice. I don’t have a tribe of 150 people to please if I don’t want to die. If one person doesn’t like me, I can form relationships with billions of others! And online conferencing / social networks make it easier than ever to find/meet people.



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Madhav Malhotra

Cofounder at The Plastic Shift. Learning how to create a sustainable planet. Linkedin: