Fine, Electric Cars are the Future… so why is my Phone ALWAYS Dying?!

Just like temperamental teenagers, batteries are super chill until you ask about their problems and everything explodes (like, literally…)

Batteries have High-Key been Bratty for Thousands of Years

Surprisingly, this generation of teens may *somehow* seem to be even more irritating than the last! Well, batteries are the same.

The Baghdad-ians were pretty comfy with their jars. Of course, society did try to obliterate itself over religious disputes every so often…
  1. They’re looking for their resplendent crush (lithium ions) at the positive side of the battery (cathode) as well.
  2. The crowd in the middle of the battery (electrolyte) won’t let them get through either.
  3. So they go around the battery and through any electronics we connect (load) to eventually get to their crush.
Pretty similar, right?

So if all Batteries Work the Same, what’s Elon on About?

Okay, technically, all batteries do follow that process. But as you might have guessed, there are a bunch of ways of making that process happen.

You can do crazy chemistry experiments in the battery industry and you don’t even have to worry about things exploding! They just have to explode less than before 😉

The Future: A Paradise of iPhones that Stay Charged

(and Samsungs that don’t explode… 😈)

  • twisty batteries, tall batteries,
  • house batteries, mall batteries,
  • cheap batteries, and non-environmentally-destructive-energy-efficient-spring-summer-fall batteries (Look, Ma! I rhymed!)
  • Batteries work by exploiting electron romance.
  • Scientists are hard at work trying to replace battery materials.
  • In the future, batteries will have more and more uses in many parts of life (so hopefully you’ll learn to like them by then ;-)

Before you go:

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